When Car And Truck Drivers Hit Motorcycle Drivers, And Why You Should Sue

Posted on: 21 November 2018

When you learn to drive a car, there are rules to follow. Some of those rules relate to how you interact with and drive around other drivers and other vehicles. While you may start out driving a car, you may eventually drive a pickup truck. Regardless of which of these two vehicles you drive, there are additional rules you are supposed to follow when you come across motorcycle drivers. Everyone has to follow these rules to keep motorcycle riders/drivers safe. If the table is reversed, and you are the one riding/driving a motorcycle, other drivers have to follow these rules. When they do not follow these rules, and you end up in a motorcycle accident and injured, you absolutely should sue. Here is why.

​Laws Protecting Motorcyclists Are for Your Safety

​One of the rules of the road regarding motorcycles is that drivers need to follow several yards behind. A motorcycle that has to suddenly brake hard could also skid and slid down onto its side, pinning a motorcyclist under the bike. A car or truck that is following too close will not stop fast enough to avoid running over and hitting a bike and rider that has skidded out on the road. Since this, and other laws, are taught to all drivers from age sixteen on, there is no excuse for a car/truck driver to be following your motorcycle that close and causing you extensive bodily harm. 

​Motorcyclists Incur Far More Life-Threatening Injuries in an Accident

Motorcycles are not enclosed vehicles. Riders/drivers are completely exposed and vulnerable, and there are no seat belts on a motorcycle either. In an accident, motorcyclists sustain substantially greater life-threatening injuries and life-altering injuries than the person in the car or truck that hit the motorcyclist. When your injuries are compared to the injuries of the other driver, there is no doubt your medical bills and your financial hardship are far greater. 

It Will Take a Long Time to Recover

Motorcyclists take three to five times longer to heal because of the extent of their injuries than those who were inside a car or truck. They will also need far more physical therapy than a car or truck driver. That is a lot of time you spend away from work, and away from doing most daily activities. Lost wages are no joke when you spend months recovering from a motorcycle accident. Find a motorcycle accident attorney and sue.


Preventing Accidents Every Day

After struggling significantly with injuries that I sustained in an accident, I started thinking about various ways that I could improve the future. I began talking with different people about how to recover some losses, and they recommended looking for legal counsel. I began working hard to look for a lawyer, and a friend of mine mentioned that the attorney I was interested in was taking new clients. I met with them to work out how to handle the case, and we started working together to remedy things. With the lawyer's help, I was able to completely overhaul my lifestyle, and I have been able to recover those losses. Check out this blog for more information.


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