3 Great Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Facing A Criminal Charge

Posted on: 30 November 2018

If you've found yourself staring at a criminal charge, it's important to respond appropriately by hiring a criminal law attorney. Doing so can help you out in so many ways, whether you're dealing with a possession of drugs charge or worse. 

Ensure Your Rights Are Not Violated 

There are countless cases where defendants get taken advantage of by prosecutors. They may use strong-arm tactics to get you to admit to something you didn't do. You don't deserve this. Luckily, when you hire a criminal defense lawyer, you can rest assured your civil rights will be observed at all times.

Everything that occurs in court will be done by the book, with the guidance from a criminal defense lawyer. If they feel like your rights are being violated at any point, they can respond by citing laws that were created to protect defendants just like yourself.

Compile Evidence 

If you believe you're innocent even after receiving a criminal charge, then you shouldn't delay getting help from a criminal defense lawyer. After all, they can compile evidence to show that you were unjustly charged with an offense.

For example, you may have been somewhere far away from the crime scene when everything unfolded. Your attorney can show this by gathering the alibis of people who were with you when the crime took place. Their testimonials in court can help you get off serious charges.

Even if you were at the scene of the crime, there may be witnesses your attorney can make contact with to corroborate your account of what went down.

Plea Bargain 

Sometimes there simply won't be enough evidence to get you off the criminal charge completely. In this instance, your criminal defense attorney can plea bargain on your behalf. In exchange for accepting some form of guilt, your charges may be significantly lowered.

For example, instead of having to serve time in jail, you may just have to pay a fine or do some hours of community service. Either way, having lesser punishment is important for moving on from this whole ordeal as quickly as you can. Whatever deals are bargained for, your attorney will make sure they have your consent to proceed.

Criminal charges can be extremely serious, and if you're not careful, they could send you to jail. So that you can respond to your criminal charge appropriately, consider working with a criminal defense attorney. They'll make this whole process easier to deal with, ensuring you're not unjustly penalized by the courts. 


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