3 Critical Problems Caused By Delaying Contact With A Car Accident Attorney

Posted on: 1 December 2018

After a car accident, things can seem chaotic. You are dealing with injuries, making arrangements for time off of work, getting rides to and from where you need to go, and a whole list of other problems. It is easy to assume that you can wait until later to contact a car accident lawyer for advice, or even just assume that you don't need an attorney at all. Unfortunately, when you delay contacting an attorney for help immediately after your accident, there are several critical problems that can occur. Take a look at a few of those problems, so you better understand the importance of finding legal advice right away. 

1. The disappearance of evidence that could benefit your case

Car accidents happen every day. It is common for there to be evidence of how the accident occurred immediately after the incident, but the longer you wait, the less likely it will be that you will have that evidence available. For example, many stores who have surveillance footage run their recordings on a loop, so footage on the day of the accident may only be available for a short window before it is written over. To make things worse, most regular people do not understand what type of evidence is needed to help their case so collecting it on their own is almost implausible. 

2. Not getting the right kind of medical care to help your case

You probably know to seek medical attention after a car accident right away. What you likely don't know is that there are certain types of medical attention you should be seeking to ensure your injuries are documented in a way that will be most capable of proving your injuries. When you work with a car accident attorney, they will make sure you see the right professionals for the betterment of your case.

3. Communicating with the insurance company in a way that harms your case

Limiting your communication with the insurance company is best after the car accident. Of course, you will have to file a claim and may have to see a claims adjuster to estimate the damage to your vehicle. However, if you do plan on filing a claim, it is always best to bring in the professional guidance of an attorney. Insurance company representatives do not always have your best interests in mind, so they can sometimes use deceitful wording and questions to get you to admit fault in your accident. 


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