The Top Duties Your Lawyer Has When Handling Your Car Accident Case

Posted on: 10 December 2018

Settling a car accident case all by yourself is not usually a good way to handle this type of event, and this is primarily because you probably do not fully understand your rights and the legal issues related to the settlement. Because of this, you should really consider hiring a personal injury lawyer for help, as a lawyer will offer the legal advice and assistance you need. If you hire a lawyer for help, here are some of the top duties he or she will have when helping you settle a car accident case.

Evaluating and investigating the case

One of the first duties your lawyer will have when helping you with a car accident case is evaluating and investigating the case. Evaluating the case helps the lawyer know if he or she should accept it, and investigating the case is necessary to find out what really happened and who is at fault.  

Reviewing your medical issues and other damages related to the accident

A second duty your lawyer has is to review all the damages you incurred from the accident, including all the medical issues you have, the damages to the car, and any other losses you encountered as a result of being in the accident. Your lawyer will add up these damages to determine how much money to ask for in the settlement.

Negotiating on your behalf

When your lawyer has all the information needed to know your damages, he or she will begin the negotiation's stage of the process. During this stage, your lawyer's duty is to get a compensation package that is as high as possible. To do this, your lawyer may write up a demand letter or make phone calls to the insurance adjuster assigned to the case.

Filing a lawsuit if necessary

If your lawyer is having problems settling for an amount that is fair for you, the lawyer's duty will be to file a lawsuit against the other person involved. Filing a lawsuit is something a lawyer will only do if necessary, as going through a lawsuit to settle a car accident case is time-consuming and costly.

When you hire a lawyer for help, you can be certain that you will receive the total amount of compensation you are entitled to. You can find out more information about the duties and responsibilities of lawyers by contacting a car accident law firm in your city.


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