How Specific Should An Accident Attorney's Practice Be?

Posted on: 22 December 2018

When we picture lawyers who take on cases involving vehicle incidents, we tend to imagine the car accident attorney who's always on all of our local TV channels with ads. There is, however, a surprisingly high degree of specialization within the field. If your case seems rather unique, you may want to think about hiring a professional whose practice is more focused for the following reasons.

Familiarity with How Accidents Happen

One instance where it may be advantageous to work with someone highly specialized is when you need a motorcycle accident attorney. Cases involving smaller vehicles like bikes involve radically different social attitudes toward the victims. There's a cultural pervasive belief among many people that motorcyclists willingly take upon themselves great personal risk for a hobby.

A motorcycle accident attorney has experience helping claims adjusters, judges and jurors understand that the simple act of being on a bike doesn't mean a rider assumes all responsibility for an incident. The duty of care for a motorist whose vehicle collides with a motorcycle is just as relevant as if they had hit a pedestrian or another car.

Similarly, a motorcycle accident attorney is apt to be more familiar with the physics involved in such incidents. They often have developed relationships with expert witnesses who can help them explain how an accident unfolded and why it was not the fault of the rider.

Very Specific Situations

Occasionally, a problem in accident law includes an issue that's unique. For example, the fact that a region attracts a lot of tourists can also make it a hotbed of car accidents. This often gives rise to one of the nightmare scenarios for folks trying to pursue claims. Tracking down responsible parties, witnesses, emergency personnel and even victims in the months following an incident is hard enough under normal circumstances. Add in the fact that a bunch of tourists and seasonal workers in the area are going to scatter to the wind, and suddenly it gets much harder to present a case.

Hiring a tourist car accident attorney is a good way to see that your situation will be handled with an appropriate level of care. They'll have experience with issues like pursuing claims against out-of-state motorists. What do you do, for example, if a tourist comes from a no-fault insurance state? Working an attorney, like Cok Kinzler PLLP, who can readily answer that question will likely speed up the process.


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