Surprising Injuries In Commercial Kitchens

Posted on: 14 January 2019

Commercial kitchens can be dangerous places to work. Employees are surrounded by potential safety hazards, from sharp knives to hot stoves. While most people know that they need to exercise caution in a commercial kitchen to avoid slipping or burning themselves, there are some lesser known causes of injury that can be found in the kitchen.

Become familiar with these hazards so that you can avoid a serious personal injury in the future.

Knife to the Foot

You probably pay close attention when cutting and chopping foods as part of your job to prevent cutting your hands and fingers. Knives can be found in many locations throughout a commercial kitchen. The knives utilized by professional chefs have to be really sharp in order to prepare foods quickly as orders from restaurant patrons come in.

A knife could be left on a countertop or in a pan accidentally, and that knife could fall and puncture your foot. Injuries caused by falling knives can leave you unable to work and may require surgery to repair. Consider filing a personal injury lawsuit if negligent knife placement caused your injury.

Back Injury

The employees working in a commercial are on their feet for a significant portion of each shift. Standing for eight or more hours a day could lead to the development of serious back injuries. Employers are required to create a safe work environment, even if that environment is within a kitchen.

Your workplace should be equipped with shock absorbing and non-slip mats that will help lessen any pain created by being on your feet for an extended period of time. The additional cushioning offered by a shock absorbing mat can help prevent back injury.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney if you feel your employer's negligence led to the development of a serious back injury.

Eye Injury

You may be surprised to find that your eyes are vulnerable to injury in a commercial kitchen. Hot grease, commercial cleaning fluids, and the juices from certain hot peppers can cause serious damage when they come into contact with the eye.

Having the ability to flush your eyes immediately is critical in minimizing damage after exposure to a dangerous substance. Commercial kitchens without an emergency eye-washing station put their employees at risk.

Let a personal injury law office like Gartner Law Firm help you decide if you are entitled to compensation for an eye injury that you received while working in a commercial kitchen.


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