Is There A Way To Seek Justice After Dealing With Slander And Defamation?

Posted on: 16 January 2019

While most people think of personal injuries as physical injuries a person can sustain after getting into a car accident or slipping on ice and falling to the ground, defamation and slander fall under the personal injury category and are serious accusations to make against another person. You may have suffered tremendously at the hands of another person who felt the need to slander your name in some way or another, causing you to lose out on numerous opportunities while dealing with threats from others because of what was said about you, all of which was false. In fact, the situation may have been so traumatic that you are now seeking therapy from a professional counselor because you have been stressed, frustrated, and emotionally distraught.

What to Do When Dealing With Slander and Defamation

When a person slanders your name and ruins the reputation you worked hard to build for yourself, a huge fallout can occur. The false statements that were made may have caused you to miss out on a job opportunity, lose your source of income, and receive threats from people you do not even know simply because those people are believing all the negative things that have been said about you. As a result, you may be struggling financially while dealing with mental and emotional suffering caused by a cruel individual who may have decided to slander your name due to jealousy. When you have this type of situation on your hands, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you prepare your case.

Preparing a case involves gathering any proof you can obtain. If the defamation and slander took place on social media sites, you should immediately take screenshots of everything that was posted and print the information out. Print several copies to ensure that you have your own copy and your lawyer has a copy of all the statements that were made online. If you have threatening voicemails and text messages, show your lawyer because he or she may be able to make copies of all the evidence relating to the slander and defamation lawsuit.

Does Filing a Lawsuit Help?

Filing a lawsuit does help the situation because it will put a stop to the person's ability to continue slandering your name. The person will no longer be able to make false statements about you without getting into trouble for doing so. You may even be able to sue for compensation due to the emotional pain you have endured.

If someone is slandering your name and completely ruining your reputation while making tons of false statements about you, find a personal injury lawyer who can help you file a lawsuit. If the allegations against you are not true and are causing you to experience a lot of pain and conflict in your life, you need to take proper action against the guilty person.


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