Ways To Increase The Likelihood Of Having Your Workers' Comp Claim Approved

Posted on: 22 July 2019

When you are injured at work, you certainly deserve compensation. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up having their claims denied, which results in them not getting the money they need to live comfortably. You can appeal a denied workers' comp claim, but that takes time, and while you're waiting and hoping that your appeal will be approved, you may struggle to pay your bills. So you really want to do everything possible to ensure your workers' comp claim is approved the first time. Here are some tips to help.

File your report ASAP

Do not put off filing your claim. You may miss the deadline — in which case, your claim will be denied. Occasionally, forms get lost in the mail or otherwise misplaced. If you file your claim early and it gets lost, you will still have time to re-file. Filing early also shows that you are serious about receiving compensation, and it helps remove any suspicions that the workers' comp board may have. If you wait to file, they are more likely to argue that your injuries are actually due to some later event that happened outside of the workplace.

Follow up with medical care

One of the most common reasons claims are denied is because workers do not follow up with the recommended medical treatment. The workers' comp board may feel that if you had followed up with treatment, your injuries would not be so serious and you would not need so much compensation. Adhere to the recommended treatments as closely as possible. Take all recommended medications on schedule. Go to checkup appointments. Follow up with specialists. If you do not like a particular treatment or feel that it is not working, talk to your doctor about alternatives rather than just quitting treatment altogether.

Get statements from coworkers

If there was anyone at work who witnessed your injury take place, get a statement from them to include with your application. Make sure they describe, in as much detail as possible, what they saw occur. Have them sign the statement. These statements can serve as evidence that your injury did, in fact, occur at work, which may be what the workers' comp board feels is needed to approve your claim. It's best if these statements come from a supervisor, but they can definitely come from any employee who saw the accident occur.

Have someone else look the claim over

There are employees who have their claims denied for silly, paperwork-related reasons. Maybe they forget to sign the bottom of a form, or they write the wrong date on a certain blank. You don't want to have to appeal your claim just because you overlooked a blank on a printed form. Have a friend or family member carefully double-check any paperwork you submit so such errors do not go overlooked.

Retain an attorney

Even if you follow the tips above, there is some chance that your claim will be denied. If this occurs, you will need to hire an attorney to help you appeal the claim. So you're better off being proactive and just hiring an attorney now, at square one. The attorney can look over your paperwork more thoroughly. They can also make sure you phrase your statements in ways that are clear, concise, and more likely to appeal to the workers' comp board.

If you've been injured in the workplace, you likely have medical bills, lost wages, and everyday expenses that are piling up. File your workers' compensation claim promptly and by following the tips above. For more tips and advice, reach out to a workers' comp attorney in your area. 


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