Personal Injury Law: 3 Examples Of Slip And Fall Cases

Posted on: 23 November 2021

Usually, the law categorizes a slip and fall accident as a personal injury case, resulting from the negligent actions of another person. In other words, it occurs when someone exposes you to a dangerous situation. For instance, you can fall accidentally on a slippery surface that doesn't have a slippery surface sign. In this case, you may suffer from a broken bone, joint sprain, hip fracture, or head injury.

The injuries of a slip and fall accident can negatively affect your life. In addition to incurring huge medical expenses, it can lead to loss of wages during the recovery period. Because of that, you should seek justice through a slip and fall lawyer. This article looks at a few examples of slip and fall accidents that are eligible for compensation.

Sliding and Falling On Snow

During winter, many people get tempted to clear the snow on the driveways and sidewalks in their homes or businesses. But doing this is not advisable as it leads to an unnatural accumulation of ice in the area. So if you fall in such as place, you can sue the responsible party. In this case, your slip and fall lawyer will prove to the judge that indeed you got injured due to an unnatural cause.

Trips and Falls Due to Pavement Cracks

Some pavements have cracks that can cause a trip or fall. When this happens, you deserve compensation. However, it is sometimes difficult to get compensated for minor injuries. 

Normally, some states consider such accidents recoverable if the concrete slab is high enough. In this case, you need concrete evidence such as pictures or video of the scene showing the exact situation. Additionally, the measurement of the slab's height is crucial evidence.

Falls Due To a Landlord's Negligence 

All landlords must ensure the safety of their tenants through regular maintenance of the apartments. Otherwise, they may be held liable for slips and falls that take place in the building. 

For example, poorly maintained entrances and exits, poorly installed carpets, and bad lighting can easily cause accidents. Uneven staircases can also be a source of accidents. Essentially, you ought to report abnormalities in the apartments to your landlord. If they fail to act and sustain injuries due to their negligence, you can hold them liable for your injuries.

If you fall victim to any of the mentioned cases, do not hesitate to seek justice. Hire a seasoned slip and fall attorney and file a lawsuit against the liable party. A lawyer increases your chance of getting the rightful compensation since they have the skills and knowledge to argue your case in the best way possible. Click to find out more or check out similar sites regarding attorneys.


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