Three Critical Aspects Determine the Value of the Settlement an Injury Victim Gets

Posted on: 18 January 2022

When someone else's negligent actions cause you to sustain injuries, you should be compensated. However, the process involved is usually tricky, and it is, of course, hard to get compensated without the input of a competent personal injury lawyer. As the victim of a personal injury case, you deserve a settlement that matches the value of your losses and injuries. Unfortunately, most victims are under-compensated because they don't hire a lawyer to assess the value of their injury settlement. See the three aspects that determine the value of the settlement you get.

Injuries Sustained and Their Severity

The kind of injuries you sustain and their severity will greatly determine the value of your injury settlement. It's sometimes hard to assess injury severity, but a personal injury attorney helps you do it. They work closely with your doctors to the final phase of the medication process. The lawyer analyzes the injuries you have sustained and the complexity of the treatment given. Injuries that involve your spinal cord or brain are usually considered severe. So if you suffered spinal cord trauma or serious brain injury, the lawyer helps you get a significant amount of settlement. The settlement usually covers all the medical bills you handled throughout the recovery process.

The Nature of Property Damage Experienced

A personal injury claim could also involve property damage. Usually, you don't just get compensated for the injuries sustained but also for the property damage suffered. The kind of damage your car sustained will also determine the value of the settlement you get. Of course, the degree of property damage depends on how severe the accident was. Here, the lawyer considers the amount of money you need to replace or repair your property and makes it part of the settlement you will get.

The Wages You Are Likely to Lose for Being Incapacitated

Although you may likely be able to work again after the accident, it's also good to look at it from the other angle. If some of your vital organs, like the brain and spinal cord, are seriously injured, you can hardly go back to work. This means you will lose wages and salaries you should have enjoyed for several more years if you were to continue working. For this reason, this aspect needs to be considered when calculating the value of your injury settlement so you can receive what you deserve.

The personal injury lawyer also considers any psychological and emotional trauma you have experienced to ensure you don't get a lesser amount. In fact, the level of sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, and fear you suffered contributes a lot to the value of your settlement. So you need to hire an experienced and competent lawyer because they consider everything that strengthens your case and adds value to the expected settlement. 

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