A Checklist Of The Records You Will Need When Making An Auto Accident Claim

Posted on: 28 November 2022

If you are planning to make a car accident claim, it is crucial to start the process by gathering the necessary evidence. This is because the information you collect and present to back your claim will determine whether you get a speedy settlement and move on to other things. More importantly, remember that the insurers and adjusters are looking for every reason to lowball you and make you settle for less than what you deserve. Here's a checklist of what can help you win your claim. 

Reports from the Police

Police arrive at the scene of a car crash quickly to bring order to the situation and collect crucial data on what led to the accident. For example, they take witness statements of the events that led to the crash or auto collision. They also assess the road to determine which motorist was at fault. Note that once they record all this data, they can avail it to you, the lawyer, or the insurance company. Therefore, you should call the police once they are done assessing the auto incident and get a report to back up your claim.

Records from the Hospital

Medical records are also crucial, and you should get them before making a claim. Note that, to receive compensation, you need to prove you got injured and have incurred losses trying to treat your injury. As such, the ideal way to show that your injuries have created a financial burden to you is by showing records from the doctor. More so, you should never overlook going to the hospital, even if the injuries feel minor. Instead, visit the doctor and keep records of the wounds and expenses, as they will simplify the claim process.

Estimates for the Vehicle Damage

You should also ask the auto mechanic to estimate the damage your car sustains and how much repairs will cost. After this step, send the figures to the insurer to back up your claim. Note that some might send you to a specific auto mechanic to assess the damage and determine the cost of the repairs. However, you should involve a car accident lawyer to ensure they make accurate damage estimates.

Documents that Proof Your Income

An accident can put you out of work for many months. Given this, you may lack the income to support your dependents, creating strain in their lives. As such, you should attach proof of your income before the crash to help your lawyer get you the payments you deserve for lost wages.

If dealing with the aftermath of an accident, begin the claim process by contacting a car accident attorney. They can help you create a checklist of the documents you need for a successful claim.


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