Dog Bite Attorney: Bitten At A Dog Park

Posted on: 6 June 2023

Dog parks provide a wonderful opportunity for dogs to play, socialize, and burn off some energy. Unfortunately, these parks also come with their fair share of risks, and one of them is the potential for dog bites. Dog bite incidents can be traumatic and sometimes cause severe injuries that could lead to high medical costs.

When you or a loved one is bitten at a dog park, seeking advice from a dog bite attorney can be beneficial to understand your legal rights and the possibility of obtaining compensation.

Dog Owner's Responsibility and Liability

Typically, dog owners are responsible for their pet's actions, and this responsibility extends to dog parks.

  • Liability: In most jurisdictions, if a dog bites someone, the owner can be held liable for damages. However, laws vary by state. Some states have a "one bite" rule, where the owner may not be held liable if they had no reason to believe their dog was dangerous.
  • Strict Liability: In contrast, other states hold owners strictly liable, meaning they are responsible even if they were unaware of their dog's propensity for aggression.

Establishing Liability in Dog Park Bite Incidents

In a dog bite case, it's important to establish liability. If a dog owner was negligent and failed to control their aggressive dog, they might be held accountable for the injuries. However, things can be a little more complicated at a dog park. Many dog parks operate on a 'use at your own risk' policy, which might shield dog owners and the park owners from some level of liability. Additionally, some states have laws that consider provocation. If the bitten person was provoking the dog or acting irresponsibly, the owner's liability might be reduced.

Role of a Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bite attorneys specialize in these types of cases and are familiar with the relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. They can help navigate the complex legal landscape and build a case by:

  • Gathering Evidence: This might involve medical records, photographs of the injury, eyewitness accounts, and any relevant insurance information.
  • Establishing Liability: The attorney will review the circumstances of the bite incident, determine if negligence played a role, and identify the party or parties that might be held liable.
  • Calculating Damages: Damages in a dog bite case can include medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly more. An attorney can help accurately quantify these damages.
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Dog bite claims are often dealt with by the dog owner's homeowner's insurance. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to seek a fair settlement.
  • Taking the Case to Court: If a fair settlement cannot be reached, an attorney may take the case to court to seek justice for the victim.

In conclusion, if you or a loved one has been bitten at a dog park, you should consider consulting with a dog bite attorney.


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